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        Main Products

        ABOUT US

        YueQing RuiXin Electro-Mechanical Co., Ltd, established in 2001, our factory is located in YueQing city, which is the leading manufacturer and exporter in the field of low voltage electric appliance in China. Our company mainly supply Contactor and Thermal Relay. We specialize in manufacturing different types of contactors such as CJX2 ac contactor, reversing contactor, magnetic starters,DC contactor and switching capacitor contactor for more than 10 years. Our company adopts advanced technolog to updating our products, Have owned advanced equipment of production, Inspection and experiment, powerful technical force and the network system of sales, services all over the world. We adhere to the guide of market and the principle of living on quality, developing on credit. As one of the manufacturers and exporter of low voltage electrical apparatus in China, we can provide quality products with complete varieties as well as in time, considerate after services. Our company has passed ISO9001 certification, and our prodcuts have passed CE certification and 3C compulsory certification. We have strict quality control system for each steps such as product design, manufacture, storage, transportation and technical service, to ensure that each product meet the needs of every customer in a perfect condition. Meanwhile, a professional , effective technical support & service team will provide every customer a complete pre-sale to after-sale service. Our products have been sold to Russia, Europe, USA, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africanowadays, with good praise from our clients. We are looking forward to cooperate with more partners all over the world., and we could offer OEM, ODM service. Please fell free to contact us if you have any question on us as well as our products. We will try our best to provide you our best products and services.

        CONTACT US

        Contacts: Manager Zheng

        Tel: 0577-62762700/62999630

        Mobile: 18058367070

        Email: raixin@raisingem.com

        Url: http://www.1p5ou.cn

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